with over 120 vehicles up to 3.5T (GVM) and 40 trucks up to 7.5T (GVM).

Refrigerated vehicles guarantee temperatures to –25°C

FTL transport in over 200 vehicles of 24T. Carriers of proven dependability.

Oversized transportation consists of an interaction between different entities, very good organization and planning – it requires strong effort but we can easily deal with it.

We draw the strength from our people

VISLINE’s character combines experience, enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise. Our employees make a well-coordinated team of 150 energetic and qualified workers, ready to receive your orders in 8 subsidiaries in Poland and 2 in Europe.

Visline delivers throughout Europe and
our subsidiaries are at hand
in 10 locations


Facts and figures


Customers a year

Cars operating a GPS tracking system



21 September 2021

Miło nam poinformować, że w weekend 10-12.09.2021 nastąpiło oficjalne otwarcie naszego biura w Gdyni przy ul. Rdestowej 160 w którym brało u...

Poszukujemy Kierowców Międzynarodowych kat. B i C

12 August 2021

Szukasz pracy jako kierowca międzynarodowy? Firma Visline oferuje godziwe, wypłacane zawsze na czas, wynagrodzenie. A to nie wszystko – samo...

NOTE. Change of the company’s registered off...

15 July 2021

Dear Sir or Madam, we would like to inform you about an urgent change regarding the change of the company’s seat, which took place as...

Easter Wishes

01 April 2021

In these challenging times please take care, stay positive and find sometime for having fun and smiling. It is difficult operating under the...

Purchase of real property in Gdynia

03 March 2021

We are happy to inform that on 03.03.2021 the President of the Management Board of Visline signed a notarised agreement of purchase of real...

Business Gazelle 2020

27 January 2021

Business Gazelles is the oldest, most reliable and most popular ranking of small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland. The “Puls Biz...